Tiyani Majoko

Tiyani Majoko

Director at Lawgistics Consultants.

Tiyani Majoko is a Director at Lawgistics Legal Consultants. She is an admitted attorney of the High Court. She has experience from working in a large law firm and as a legal advisor to an energy company.

She provides multi-disciplinary legal and related services, primarily to the Mining and Energy sectors. Her area of expertise is in the preparation, revision and implementation of Socio-Economic Development plans in the energy sector and Social and Labour Plans in the mining sector.

She has experience in various aspects related to deal structuring and fund raising in Africa, having worked on energy and mining projects in jurisdictions like Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tiyani spent most of her childhood living between Zimbabwe and Botswana, she is passionate about Africa and securing sustainable, equitable benefits for all. She understands that each African country has it’s unique dynamics and will assist clients to navigate in it with the assistance of reputable colleagues.

Tiyani has an LLB from the University of Pretoria. Tiyani holds various certificates from the Gordon School of Business Science on management and entrepreneurship. She has completed the Commercial Law and Advanced Commercial Law certificate programs by the Black Lawyers Association.

  • Mining law and Regulatory.
  • Economic Development Advisory.
  • Commercial Law drafting.
  • Deal Structuring.
  • Project Sourcing in Africa.

Tiyani has written the following articles:

  • Without Prejudice; December/January 2011 “The mining industry and the three evil triplets”.
  • “The LLB in Crisis” -drafted an article in response to the discussions surrounding the topic.
  • “Electricity as a basic right”- www.insightafrica.com.